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How Yuno Energy works 

Monthly payments you always know in advance.

Total visibility and control of your electricity usage and spending. 

The power to reduce your next bill, month after month.

All from the Yuno Energy app.

Discover a new way to manage and pay for your home electricity...

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Your Yuno in a nutshell

Advance Payment

Make monthly advance payments on the date that best suits your budget. 

Personalised Prediction

Pay based on a personalised usage Prediction viewable in your app.

No Surprises

Avoid overspending by tracking yourself against our Prediction with the daily Forecast.

Usage Insights

Leverage your smart meter to unlock invaluable insights about your hourly, daily and weekly usage.

Real Savings

Reduce next month's payment whenever you use less than predicted.

Our benefits


Advance Payment in action


Advance Payment eliminates shocking bills. 

We predict how much electricity you will use each month from your current and previous usage. You then pay, by debit or credit card, based on our Prediction (kWh & €). 


  • You make a €95 payment on your chosen billing date

  • You keep tabs on your daily usage and spending through the Forecast 

  • You adjust your activities based on how it compares to our Prediction

  • You pinpoint and reduce your peak-use periods throughout the month

  • Your actual electricity consumption for the Billing Period amounts to €80


We deduct €15 from your next bill! 

Usage insights vary depending on your meter type.  Don't have a smart meter? We’ll request one on your behalf if you call us on 1800 554 400. 

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Start saving with Yuno Energy


Get Ireland's cheapest* electricity rates and save up to €573** with our latest offer.

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* Comparing Yuno Energy fixed discount rate (EAB €1,240) and all publicly available new customer sign up discounted 24 hr electricity EABs, excluding cash back offers.

** Comparing Yuno Energy fixed discount rate (EAB €1,240) and the average of all supplier standard 24 hr rates.

Comparing Yuno Energy variable discount rate (EAB €1,546) and the average of all supplier standard 24 hr rates.

EABs verified as  correct and offer valid from 24/06/2024. Subject to 12 month contract. For T&Cs, rates, exit fees and savings, see Suppliers pricing may change. 


Checkout our plan


Joining Yuno Energy is easy 

Complete your online switch in minutes and save up to €573** over the next 12 months. 

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Fixed plan

Get Ireland’s cheapest* electricity offer and peace of mind on our newest fixed-rate plan. 

Cut wasted energy and spend less with personalised insights.  

NEW: Yuno Fixed

Fix your rate and save up to €573** (compared to the average of our competitors’ standard rates).

More reasons to love this 12-month plan:

  • Get daily updates on your predicted bill 
  • Review your usage in hours or days
  • Track and manage everything in our app
  • Your estimated annual bill is just €1,240

You’ll need your email address, mobile number, MPRN or Eircode, and bank card.