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Top frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Yuno Energy service and app. 

What is Yuno Energy?

Yuno Energy is Ireland’s new home energy provider. 

Our game-changing electricity service is designed to help you save energy and money through flexible payments, personalised insights and market-low rates.   

About Yuno Energy   

  • We don’t do expensive surprises. Instead, you get daily updates on your next payment and pay monthly on a date that works for you. 


  • We don’t do online portals. Instead, you get a clear view of your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly usage and spending in the Yuno Energy app.


  • We don’t do empty promises. Instead, you get rewarded for reducing your usage with savings you can see on your next payment. 


  • We don't do hard-to-reach.  Instead, you get the help you need from our dedicated local Support Team 7 days a week.

How is Yuno Energy different?

Home energy can be complicated and unpredictable. Yuno Energy makes it simple and predictable. 

  • Always know. Now you can always see your next electricity payment in advance. Because we give you a personalised usage Prediction (kWh) at the start of the month that eliminates the guesswork.


  • Flexible payments. You pay in advance (by bank card) monthly based on the Prediction on a date that suits your budget. Then you have the rest of the Billing Period to spend less and save. 


  • All-in-one app. The Yuno Energy app lets you track actual usage against the Prediction with the live Forecast. You get daily reports on the difference between your Forecast and our Prediction - down to the last unit and cent.


  • Real rewards. You can adjust day-to-day activities based on your usage insights to avoid spending more than your Advance Payment. Or, even better, to use less than predicted and reduce next month's payment 

How does Advance Payment work?

Advance Payment makes it easy to monitor and predict every bill. 

Each month, you pay for your electricity before you use it based on a usage Prediction (kWh). 

We calculate the Prediction from your previous consumption and adjust it for seasonality. So it's always personalised and precise.

You then pay (on your chosen date) with a bank card saved to the Yuno Energy app. Billing Periods start on your payment date and usually last 30 days.

  • Helpful: Our app provides increasingly accurate updates on your next Prediction (kWh & €) until 24 hours before your payment is due. This allows you to budget without the prospect of shocking electricity bills.    

Advance Payment Example   

  • You make a €100 Advance Payment based on our Prediction


  • You track actual usage against it with the Forecast to avoid overspending


  • You maintain or adjust your activities based on daily Forecast updates 


  • The cost of your total actual electricity this month also amounts to €100


  • Next month's Advance Payment is based entirely on our next Prediction 

How can I join Yuno Energy?

You can join Yuno Energy by completing our simple online signup or by calling us directly.   

What you need to join   

  • Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) or Eircode. This allows us to locate your property and connect you to our supply. 


  • Contact information. You’ll need your mobile number and email address to create your new account.


  • Valid debit or credit card. You pay us by bank card every month and require one to sign up. 


  • An iOS or Android device. So you can download the Yuno Energy app to manage your account.    

What to expect   

You create an account username (your email) and password and pick a monthly Advance Payment date. 

To help us get to know you, we ask you to estimate your home’s annual electricity consumption compared to the average Irish household. 

You make an initial payment via your debit or credit card based on this estimate to cover your first month’s energy usage. We’ll apply any difference between this payment and your actual usage to your next bill. 

Then you download your Yuno Energy app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Log in with the account username and password you created. 

Do I need a Smart Meter to join Yuno Energy?

No. But we will request a Smart Meter from ESB Networks on your behalf when you join. 

You’ll just have to wait a little longer to see your hourly and daily usage insights in the Yuno Energy app.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy our great rates, flexible payments and the help of our local Support Team. 

Send us meter readings if you’d prefer not to receive estimated bills by calling 1800 554 400

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Need help or have a question? Contact our local Support Team 7 days a week by phone, email or chat.

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Fixed plan

Fix your electricity rate for the next 12 months with our brand-new discounted plan.  

Find the data you need to reduce your usage and save even more in the Yuno Energy app.  

Plus, never get another shocking bill again. 

NEW: Yuno Fixed

  • Save up to €430** compared to our competitors’ average standard rate 

  • Always know where you stand with advance monthly payments 

  • Monitor your electricity usage and spend from our app 

  • Your new estimated annual bill (EAB) is just €1,590

You’ll need your email address, mobile number, MPRN or Eircode, and bank card.